Classic Rock, R&B and Blues at it's finest!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the internet home of Vintage Vibe. To make your visit more enjoyable you can listen to some songs we've recorded by clicking on the player at the bottom of each page. Once the songs begin to play they will continue until you stop them.

We are also on Facebook, Google & YouTube which you can access by clicking the icons at the bottom of each page. Please consider following us for the latest happenings with the band.

We are available for birthday parties, retirement parties, backyard BBQ's, clubs, classic car shows and many other occasions! Please use the "contact us" page to reach us.

Vintage Vibe


Bean Lefebvre, Malden, MA

Loved the songs, looking forward to seeing you live. "The Old Rocker"

Doc Johnson, Auburn, ME by way of Texas

Enjoyed your wonderful page and the Music. Keep on pickin

Webmaster, Malden, MA

Ryan thanks! We are actively seeking gigs and are working on a few hot prospects right now. As soon as we know, you'll know.

Ryan Stahl, Woburn

Nice to see you guys are back in circulation! When's the next gig?

Webmaster, Malden, MA

Jim thank you for the compliment on the site!

Jim, Somerville

Nice job on the site!!

Webmaster, Malden, MA

Todd thanks for the compliment. We are working very hard to secure a gig and should have one coming up soon.

Todd Roberts, Winchester

Nice version of Call me the breeze! Where and when are you guys playing out next?

Web Master, Malden, MA

Brad thanks for still following us after all these quiet months. We do not have a gig to post here yet but will soon so please check back soon.

Brad Stevens, Medford, MA

Just saw on Facebook that you guys are back. When and where is your next gig?

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