The band has been silent long enough!

Having spent several months working through personnel changes we are pleased to announce that we are ready to R  O  C  K!

Our newest member and lead guitarist, Nick Jacovides, has been hard at work learning our songs and some new ones as well.

With all of these changes we are calling this a reboot of the band, hence the "2.0".

Thank you for visiting the internet home of Vintage Vibe and remember we can also be found on Facebook, Google & YouTube just click the icons at the bottom of each page.

Vintage Vibe


Web Master, Malden, MA

Brad thanks for still following us after all these quiet months. We do not have a gig to post here yet but will soon so please check back soon.

Brad Stevens, Medford, MA

Just saw on Facebook that you guys are back. When and where is your next gig?

Webmaster, Malden, MA

Joan thank you for the high compliment! We are actively working on securing more gigs and will let you know as soon as there is one on the calendar.

Joan Parshly, Melrose, MA

I loved seeing you guys in Malden Tuesday! You ROCK! I'll be looking forward to your next gig.

Marjorie Korson, Belmont, Ma.

What a pleasure! Love all Vintage Vibe music..I really wish I could see this band more often!!!!

Webmaster, Malden, MA

Ryan, Sorry to hear you did not know about our 5.28 show. If you had signed up for our newsletter you would have been aware of the event. I'll watch for your signup and be sure you get the notification.

Ryan Stahl, Woburn, MA

Wow almost a year since you guys played at The Restaurant! Wish I'd have known.

Webmaster, Malden, MA

Walter, Thank you and we're glad to hear you enjoyed yourself at the Summer Concert series performance. To find out where we are next performing you can sign up for our newsletter here on the site, click on the calendar page which will display our upcoming gigs or you can follow us on Facebook where we post our shows as well.

Walter Ferrone, Malden, MA

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your music at city hall Tuesday. How can I find out where you're playing out next? Will you be back at the city hall next year?

Allen Gurwitz, Stoneham, MA

Awesome music at the military day in Woburn. I signed up for your newsletter to know where you will be playing next.

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